Arkansas Children's Hospital

 What to expect at ACH?

What will I see?

Scattered around the ACH campus are large crayon signs to help you find your way. You will see a lot of bright colors, pictures and fun artwork on the walls. You will also see a lot of people. Many people work in the hospital and they're all here to help you. You might even see a teacher who will help you with your school work. Rooms with computers and more...

What will my room look like?

Whether you have a roommate or a private room, you will have a T.V., telephone, bathroom, a window with a view and a chair bed for one person to stay overnight with you. All the rooms are close to the nurses desk but if you need to call your nurse, you can push the nurse call button and let them know what you need.

Rooms with computers and more...
All patients get their own CareHub system with lots of great movies, video games, and an Xbox 360™ and games available to check out for your room. This system was designed JUST for Arkansas Children's Hospital! Through this website you (and your parent/guardian) can set up an account and you can get photos and music sent to you at the hospital by your friends. You can also chat with other patients in the hospital, use the internet and watch a lot of educational material picked out just for you. A parent or guardian will need to set up your account first. They can do this by CLICKING HERE.

Check out Arkansas Children's Hospital through a "Kids Eye View".

How will I feel?

Some kids feel like staying in bed and getting a lot of rest. Some kids feel like going to the playroom. Some kids feel like eating and others don't. Every patient feels differently and wants to do different things. How ever you feel, we do our best to make sure you feel better and enjoy your hospital stay as much as possible.

What is there to play with?

Bedside or in the playroom, there are toys, games and activities for ALL ages. A favorite is the video game system. You can play games or work puzzles. You can draw, paint or build something out of play-doh. We also have lot of colors, markers, glitter and glue available for all kinds of neat art projects. There's even an aquarium with pretty fish! Rooms with computers and more...

Plus, ACH has an animal assisted therapy program called T.A.I.L.S (Therapeutic Animal Interventions Lift Spirits). Through the program, you will have the opportunity to interact with specially trained dogs! They visit the hospital's playroom once a week and will even make visits to individual patients' rooms on physicians referral.

Where will I play?

If you feel like playing, there are several playrooms in the hospital. Three times a day during the week there is a supervised play session for you to attend in Camp Wannaplay. Camp Wannaplay is also supervised two times a day on the weekends. Here you can enjoy fun activities and meet other kids in the hospital. If you are an infant or toddler, you can go to the Infant/Toddler Playroom.  There is a Teen Room for those 12 and older which has a pool table, sound system, comfy couch and fun games and activities for teens. There are also specialized playrooms for patients in the Heart Center, and other medical units in the hospital.

What will I eat?

We have a lot of good things to eat! You can choose hamburgers, chicken strips, spaghetti, pizza and other favorites from the daily menu. Special foods can also be ordered for patients who can only eat certain things.

What will I wear?

Most patients wear hospital pajamas. We have yellow, green, blue and white with blue shapes, but it's your size that determines what color pajamas you wear. Some patients bring their favorite pajamas from home. And don't forget to keep your feet warm with some hospital footies!

Arkansas Children's Hospital, 1 Children's Way, Little Rock, AR 72202-3591
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