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What is CareHub? 

CareHub - Patient Portal Arkansas Children’s Hospital is in the process of implementing one of the most exciting patient-oriented computer systems in the hospital’s history. The Systems Development Group (SDG) has created the CareHub system to enhance patients’ education, information and entertainment options while hospitalized at ACH.

The system is composed of a 32-inch flat screen television monitor, a Microsoft Xbox 360TM gaming system, and a bed-side touchscreen to control it all. Using the CareHub touchscreen, the patient can scroll through a list of options, including the ability to view (and pause) live TV, watch a movie on-demand, play on-line games, access the internet, or listen to music.

However, it’s not ALL fun and games! The CareHub system also allows the patient to take part in on-line training ordered by a member of the Medical Team.

And, the touchscreen also allows the Medical Team to review the patient’s medical history while at the bedside. Team Members can even access x-rays (and other medical records) to display for the patient and parents.

If you're ready to get started... CLICK HEREto create a NEW Account. Then you can add a patient and start using the CareHub system from home!
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