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What to do first...

To access patient information or use any of the activities on the CareHub system, you must first get a user account, and then add a patient to your account. 

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Anyone can set up an account, but a patient's Guardian will have to send you an invitation to join CareHub or give you access before anything is viewable.

Here is some help and information to set up your account...

There are 2 ways to set your account up with a patient:
   1. Contact the patient's parent/guardian send you an invitation!
       You will get an email with login instructions.

   2. Set up an account and enter your user information.
       Next, add patient on your account by using their Kid Card # and birthdate.

If you need some assistance click on this link: Create an Account Help Guide

CLICK HERE to create a NEW Account. If you already have an account, just enter your username and password in the log in and click enter.

More information on account types...

There are 4 types of accounts:
* Guardian
* Patient
* Family
* Friend

Guardians will have to set up access first. They have to know some specific information about the patient for security. Guardians have access to all of the CareHub activities, patient information, TV settings, user management and the ability to view/monitor online usage. Guardians also grant/approve access and actions of all visitors for their patient.

Patients, Family and Friends will set up an account (using the patient's name and birthday) and the account Guardian will approve access. Each of these levels will have access to different things based on what the Guardian decides.

Some of the functions, like Online Chat with the Patient are only available if the patient is staying at ACH.

If you need help or assistance, please email
(This email is only answered during business hours.)
Arkansas Children's Hospital, 1 Children's Way, Little Rock, AR 72202-3591
(501) 364-1100 or TDD (501) 364-1184

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